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Us, The Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program & You

Congratulations on finding a weight loss program that not only WORKS, but is scientifically the only way your body wants to burn fat naturally. We started to offer this program in 2010 and since then we have had close to 100,000 lbs. lost. From day one I put up a white board and recorded every pound lost starting with my weight loss. When my patients saw my chubby cheeks disappear they started asking how it was that I was rapidly losing the fat. They started to sign-up and I was surprised at how well everyone was doing. Everyone had just as much motivation as I did and the results have spoken for themselves.

There are obviously many reasons to lose weight and everyone of those reasons is valid. Some want to look better, others to feel better or become healthier, but the truth is regardless of your motivation, everyone who sticks to our diet gains all of those benefits mentioned and gets a new life. YEs a new Life! Listen before I did this diet, I struggled every afternoon after lunch. I needed a "siesta" or I was useless to my patients and family. I was like this all my life. That has all changed, I actually feel like a human being should feel and I get a kick out of eating right and feeling great. We want you to have a similar experience. We have patients that are not diabetic any longer, got off all their medications, have gone from couch potato to amateur athlete, won prizes from their employers for losing the most weight in their workplace. Do you get it? All of these people got a NEW LIFE. What else in life can do this for you, but changing the way you approach the food you eat? It is 100% true that you are what you eat, so we can continue to eat garbage (and trust me that is what most eat) or start eating like a human being was designed to eat.

If you decide to visit our office, this is what I can promise you. We will show you this path to a new life, teach it to you, answer your questions, provide you with the material, motivate the heck out of you and when it clicks you'll be off and running. You'll be advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams and one day you'll not only have arrived with a new body but a new life. Success is just a few good habits practiced everyday and we will help YOU instill those healthy food habits. Failure is the opposite, a few errors in judgement repeated everyday. What do you have to do everyday? EAT, your choice, are you going to keep eating to fail you and your body or learn and implement successful eating habits? We hope you make the right decision.

Thanks for your INTEREST,
Dr. Drew Bulkin

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  • A specialized plan of attack
  • A full understanding of the protocol
  • The unique protein foods that are the linchpin to your success
  • Weekly consultations at no extra cost
  • A Full year of free support after you reach your goal at no extra cost