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Dr. Tran's Perfect Protein Protocol

Many people feel they know how to eat, what is good for them, how to exercise, etc. Then why do these people look and feel the way they do? It is our opinion that many seemingly understand about nutrition and many have misconceptions about this subject matter. But not many can implement anything that has to do with losing weight, eating correctly, and changing their entire body inside and out.

That is where we come in! Dr. Tran developed the most awesome protocol and all you have to do is follow it every day until you are done. When you are done you still have a protocol to follow. Guess what though, you can eat anything you want and you are not "on a diet". You simply eat correctly so you don't gain the weight back and stay healthy for life. Many see me at a party enjoying many "fun" foods and they ask,"What about your diet?". My reply is I finished my diet 8 months ago and now maintain my weight with the maintenance protocol that Dr. Tran has laid out for me.

Listen you need a routine to follow, all succesful actions happen because there is a routine that is in place. We give you that routine by providing you the protocol. We go to great measures to make sure you understand this protocol. After all, the dieter is the one who needs to "own" or understand the 4 phases of the protocol - it is our job to teach you and motivate you to your desired endpoint.

If you do not follow the protocol exactly, do not expect the results we speak of. However, put a little self-discipline in action and "game over". If you decide to do this program then leave all the excuses at home, excuses are for those who accomplish nothing. Success is a few good habits practiced everyday and that is what the protocol provides you - good eating habits which you practice every day!

Please visit each Phase page to get an idea of how the 4 Phases work, start here at Phase 1