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Phase 1

This is where you start and don't look back. On this phase you are introduced to the concept of getting your body to burn its' own fat for energy instead of the normal burning of sugar. What that means is we are going to cut out sugar in the diet. If we cut something out, we have to put something back in. So we make sure your body gets the ideal amount of protein by way of our "super-foods", selected vegetables, dark green leafy lettuce, and important vitamins and minerals. After three or four days your body starts burning fat and you stay in Phase 1 until 100% of your weight loss goal is acheived. In Phase 1, you are getting just the right amount of nutritious calories so that your body has no problem getting rid of excess fat. If a dieter skips a meal or adds other foods, the body will stop burning fat.

On Phase 1 you consume:

  • 3 Ideal Protein Foods per day
  • selected vegetables (don't worry - we will tell you which ones)
  • unlimited lettuce
  • vitamins and sea salt
  • an additional protein of your choice

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