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Phase 2

Great, at this point the dieter has lost 100% of their weight loss goal. Now we do something very specific here. We are going to add 150 to 200 more calories back into the diet. This prepares your body to consume more food in a way so there is no weight gain. These calories are going to be coming from Carbohydrates. Because we no longer need to burn our body fat, we will now consume Carbs as our energy source. There is nothing to fear about eating Carbs once your weight loss is finished. Human civilization was built on Carbohydrates and it is now time to add carbs back in our diet too. Keep in mind Phase 2 is not typically a weight loss phase, but because we recommend exercise during this phase you may lose up to 5 pounds more in this phase.

On Phase 2 you consume:

  • 2 ideal protein foods per day
  • a proper serving of Carbohydrates
  • selected vegetables
  • unlimited lettuce
  • vitamins and sea salt
  • additional proteins of your choice

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