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Phase 4

Congratulations, you have made it and you are officially done. However Phase 4 is a maintenance phase and we are maintaining your new perfect weight for the rest of your life. This is "true" health insurance as you will continue a healthy balanced diet that will keep your feeling your best. As long as you follow this simple protocol, you will maintain your new body shape with renewed health. On Phase 4 you will learn the biochemistry of food combining and find out why ice cream, macaroni and cheese, and bread and butter "plump" up your fat cells. You learn about "the cheat day" and what to do immediately the next day so you don't store any fat. You learn about exercise, the yearly "reset" button and the 5 to 10 lb rule which will keep you in check. We also monitor you for once a month for an entire year at no cost to make sure you maintain your weight.

On Phase 4 you consume:

  • EVERYTHING! -Make it to Phase 4 and find out how to eat balanced for the rest of your life!