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The Perfect Way to Lose Weight

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program is "true weight loss". There are no magic pills, potions, or lotions that will make you lose weight and be healthy. We actually change the way you eat so that your body burns it's own fat instead of sugar. The medical term for this is called "ketosis". Dr. Tran developed the perfect protocol so that your body can become healthy and maintain that perfect health as you burn your own fat for energy. The results are amazing and extremely consistent.

There are three main reasons why we get the results we do:

  1. Dr. Tran's Perfect 4 Phase Protocol
  2. Ideal Protein's Perfect Protein Foods
  3. Outstanding Coaching and Support

Ideal Protein is quick and healthy protocol with proven, long-lasting results. Our gourmet protein foods taste delicious because we knew that if it didn't taste good, no one would want to do the program. In fact, many dieters continue to choose our proteins as snacks even after they have reached their weight-loss goal. The proteins are highly assimilable, which means when we say they contain 20 grams of protein, you body actually uses all 20 grams, unlike other "store bought protein foods".

What you can expect if you do the programs is:

  • Woman lose an average of 2 - 4 lbs. per week and Men lose 4 - 7 lbs. per week
  • You will actually burn FAT, not "water weight" or muscle
  • Tight and tone skin
  • Cellulite reduction (especially if you consume our jello and pomegranate proteins)
  • More Energy (Did you know that you get more energy burning fat than you do when you burn sugar?)
  • A natural suppression of appetite (unlike other programs that feed you dangerous pills)
  • A whole new body that has new body chemistry which helps you enjoy the "fun" foods without gaining the weight back